Global ring

If you want more information about this part and the connection conditions, please contact the NVBK or the Globalring committee.

At the request of foreign dog lovers and clubs, the NVBK has decided to offer this discipline to everybody.
Globalring is a program that is in line with the existing Belgian ring program, which in this way offers opportunities to take part in competitions internationally.
Global also exists in three categories.
Everyone in possession of a membership card and IB book NVBK can participate.
For newcomers, we still have the playing card, which can be requested at the National Secretariat.
Adjustments have already been made within the following regulations. The bite suit and the method of the decoy will be the same in category 1 (beginners) as in our existing ring. Global, category 1, will be further elaborated as possible preparation for our existing ring sport.
Note: Possibility will also be offered to participate further in Global.
The Global program is completely separate from our existing ring program.
It is a separate discipline that is open to all lovers and dog breeds.
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GRI is a virtual club, affiliated with the NVBK. Individual FOREIGN enthusiasts who want to practice the global ring and are not affiliated with a club of the NVBK, can register through the GRI and can thus take part in the gobal competitions.
A fancier, affiliated with the GRI, can possibly organize a competition himself. The application for such a device must be done via the commission. Competition fee must be paid minimum 1 month in advance, see price list NVBK.
Categorie 1 (lowest categorie  beginners)

- Heal  - 6 pt
- Down, 1 minute down - 10 pt
- Refuse of beath - 5 pt
- Straight a head - 12 pt
- Retrieve object - 12 pt
- Positions 10 pt
- Jump
(choise of haie, long jump, pallisade) - 15 pt
- Attack with stick - 50 pt
- Attack running - 50 pt
- Defense of the handler - 30 pt

Total 200 pt.

Categorie 2

Al the exercises from categorie 1 +
- Wooden stick - 15 pt
- Haie - 20 pt
- Atack with stick over obstacles - 40 pt
- Attack running- 30 pt
- Search and transport - 40 pt
- Attack with defended obstacles - 40 pt

Total 300 pt.

Categorie 3 (highest categorie)

Al the exercises from category 1 + 2 +
- Pallisade - 15 pt
- Long jump - 20 pt
- Stop attack - 30 pt
- Guarding object - 30 pt

Total 400 pt.
Exercises Global
List of all judges for globalring.
This list only includes judges who are members of the NVBK.
Information can be obtained from the commission to obtain a license.
Participants who feel called to become judges, always welcome.
This committee consists of one coordinator and an assistant coordinator, per country, of which at least one club is affiliated. The executive committee consists of a secretary, 2 council members and a member of the NVBK executive committee.
This full committee meets annually in the union building, together with the general meeting.
More info, see internal rules NVBK and appendix "Global".
List of all decoys for globalring.
Information to obtain a diploma can be obtained from the committee.
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